About Saloni


M.S. Human Factors2013-2015
The Pennsylvania State University

B.E. Electronics Engineering2009-2013
Gujarat Technological University


Senior UX DesignerNov'17 - Present
Cummins Inc.

UX DesignerNov'15 - Nov'17
Foundation Software

UX ConsultantFeb'15 - Sep'15

HCD Research Assistant Aug'13 - Jun'14
Brite Lab, Penn State

salonivaghela29 at gmail dot com
Design in one way or another has always been central to the creation of culture. Man, since time immemorial, has created to satisfy his needs and organized the material environment around him for survival. This trait is still dominant today and is found everywhere around us- from creation of Braille to building airplanes and space rockets. But it is with rise in technology that design became more mainstream & central to every element that builds the world today and sparked my relationship with design and creation.

Namaste! I am Saloni, an alumna of The Pennsylvania State University and currently working as a Senior UX Designer at Cummins. Prior to joining Cummins, I worked as a UX Designer for Foundation Software. Though fairly new to design thinking- I believe that it is more a way of life than just being a technique and I employ it in everything that I do- from creating mindmaps to coming up with unique gifts for my friends and family to user testing how things should be arranged around my apartment. I am particularly interested in the intersection of environmental sustainability, economic viability, and social upliftment through design thinking. I am intrigued by how a user’s experience can be enriched and complemented through cognitive, tactical and spatial immersions that can be created through technologies like AR, VR, and MR.

In my personal time, I play tennis, volleyball and run marathons. I also love baking, reading and driving. Fun Fact: I have driven the equivalent of Earth’s periphery almost twice in last year alone!! To put this in perspective- Earth’s circumference is about 24,900 miles and I have driven close to 45,000 miles.

Feel free to drop me a line at salonivaghela29 at gmail dot com if you want to collaborate or simply say hello.